The following artifacts have been recovered from the Etna site and identified by R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates.

Selected whiteware sherds from Etna site: (top row, left to right) burned whiteware body sherd; Decalcomania pattern of pink flowers with green stems hollow vessel body sherd; (middle row) molded decoration rim sherd; red transfer-print body sherd; hand-painted body sherd; and (bottom row) red transfer-printed body sherds.

Metal buttons decorated with stamped design of a steam-engine train and three stars. The iron shanks are missing.


NOTE: This metal button above was found at a plantation in North Carolina, where a battle took place between the Confederate and Union armies.

I found this button (front & back) literally in my backyard one day while metal detecting in north west Johnston County, NC. This is on my family's old plantation where I have been told through family that a portion of the Federal army was encamped in an elevated field which is now behind my house following the Battle of Bentonville, in southern Johnston County, as they were marching towards Raleigh.

Brandon Williamson

Embossed, molded rectangular bottle with chanfers shaped,colorless panel bottle with a one-part down-tooled finish. Embossed on the front panel is DR DEWITTS ECLECTIC CURE. W J PARKER & CO, BALTIMORE MD
View of 1863 copper Indian Head penny
Composite metal buckle (left), iron buckle (center top), composite belt buckle (center bottom) and iron belt buckle (right)
Selected buttons: (top row, left to right) composite metal button; four-hole Prosser (china) button; four-hole white Prosser (china) button; iron button; iron button; (middle row) iron button; Prosser (china) button fragment; iron metal; composite metal button with train design; (bottom row) two-hole shell button; and four-hole bone button.
Metal lapel pin decorated with a stamped Masonic emblem colored with enamel.
Flower-shaped scarf pin made of cuprous metal and a glass bead.
A four-tined metal fork with decorated handle. The decoration is stamped on one side of the handle and on the other side is stamped US SILVER CO.

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